Tuesday, April 30, 2013

By Dustin L. Dyer

One of my friends on FaceBook had some questions about our imperfections as humans and the fact that sometimes we expect to much from ourselves. I believe this is something many of us struggle with so I thought about it for a day and wanted to share this..
Imperfection is the human condition. Yeshua (Jesus) is the only perfect man and He is God, so we can never be perfect while we live in this body due to the fall of man and our sinful nature. But just like all things that God does, He turns Adam and Eve's mistakes around for our benefit. When we feel like we are less than perfect that is because we are. The beauty of this is that in the midst of all our imperfections, God still wants to use us. He uses us when we realize our imperfection and we cry out to Him. Sometimes our failures become a blessing to others and in turn become a blessing right back to us. I call this the "Cycle of Grace", God knows our struggle and He knows we will never be perfect as human-beings but He loves us enough to show us how we can overcome. God only wants us to have a relationship with Him, not one that He forces on us because He will never force anyone to love Him but He wants us to make that choice on our own. Yes, God will make things happen in our lives and He does intervene to make us look up when our heads are so far down that we just plain refuse to acknowledge Him. We cannot be the same as Christ but we can strive to be "Christ-Like" and the only way to do this is to stay in prayer, stay in the Word, and stay in a dedicated state of learning. To acknowledge God everyday and to understand that He understands our imperfections and so should we. My favorite Bible verse that reflects imperfections is 1 Corinthians 13:10 "But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away." This means -But when that which is perfect is come - Does come; or shall come. It means that when anything which is perfect is seen or enjoyed, then that which is imperfect is forgotten, laid aside, or vanishes. Thus, in the full and perfect light of day, the imperfect and feeble light of the stars vanishes. The sense here is, that "in heaven" - a state of absolute perfection - that which is "in part," or which is imperfect, shall be lost in superior brightness. All imperfection will vanish. And all that we here possess that is obscure shall be lost in the superior and perfect glory of that eternal world. All our present unsatisfactory modes of obtaining knowledge shall be unknown. All shall be clear, bright, and eternal. As believers we can take comfort in knowing that our imperfections will one day be no more.. That is God and God is Love..(DD)
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